The punched stainless steel is an excellent material for realisation of the non-standard ideas in an interior.

   It can be the apartment, a summerhouse, the hall of the business centre, office, bar or a night club. The beauty and a practicality of stainless steel opens a wide range of opportunities for the designer to develop interesting inventions in an interior. In addition, various visual effects which can be achieved varying the sizes, the form and punching technique that give unexpected results.

A sheet of the punched stainless steel can be used instead of a false ceiling, the protection of lamps, ventilating grates, as decorative cases for various equipment and inside the pipelines. Details from the punched stainless steel can be also used for production of the fences for ladders and other fences with high esthetic requirements.
     The punched stainless steel allows to manufacture excellent decorative screens, casings and cases. Thanks to the modern equipment, the metal sheet can be punched only in strictly set zones. Perforation can form drawing, an inscription and other forms.
     We make screens for batteries of the punched stainless steel using small applied products. Furthermore, screens are manufactured of usual steel and then get painted and a varnished. Such screens can be made with any drawing and an ornament, yet look simply perfectly.